Should I Use a Car Buying Service to Help Me Buy My Next New or Used Car

So, you are about to make an automobile purchase, and you think you might try a car buying service such as USAA or Costco. These are a few of the well-known car buying services which are frequently used by its members. Kudos! You have just made a great decision to get assistance. Why? Not because you lack the ability to negotiate on your own, anyone can learn that, or is already a self-proclaimed expert (just ask them!). Here is why assistance is a great idea: Car salespeople sell, on average, 8-10 cars/mos. This means that they are practicing and honing their skills at least 40 times/month or nearly 500 times/year as it takes about four or five clients to walk in the door or contact by phone or email to get one car sale. It is clear then, why it is beyond challenging to beat a car dealer at their own game.

However, what precisely do car buying services offer? By and large, they offer new car pricing, perhaps even some preferred interest rates or even a suggested trade in value for the vehicle you might be replacing. What do these services miss? Well, besides the fact that they don’t get you the absolute lowest price you may have qualified for on the vehicle you’ve selected, there are items that only a personal car buying service can guarantee are covered when it comes to overall savings with a new or used car, truck, SUV or minivan purchase. That said, commercial-sized car buying services do indeed help you get a competitive price, so in that way, they have great value. To analyze often overlooked opportunities for saving money, here are some reasons you may need a new vehicle: You just graduated from college – money saving opportunity: first time buyer’s programs that guarantee additional rebates and often a special low interest rate. * You just totaled your vehicle – money saving opportunity: getting assistance with procuring a higher value for your total loss vehicle. Most Americans just accept the offer from the insurance adjusters, not knowing how to (or even that they can) ask for a larger settlement. A family member or offspring “relieved” you of your current ride. Money saving opportunity: special conquest offers if you switch brands, even if you are not trading in a vehicle. Sometimes it is just as easy as showing your current car registration and you can save $2,000 or more, immediately off of your lowest price.

A mechanical problem with an associated expense that precludes making a repair. Or your common sense keeps you from entertaining the idea of yet another repair because you are out of factory warranty. Money saving opportunity: you may be able to trade in the vehicle, even with the unrepaired damage and have a sizeable down payment on your next purchase. This amount is often more than you think the vehicle is worth. High mileage on your vehicle that causes you to think seriously about trading for better reliability and peace of mind. Money saving opportunity: high mileage cars are far from worthless, often you can get up to 25% more than a dealership says your vehicle is worth. Particularly with the shortages in the used car market at the time of the writing of this article, many used vehicles are worth more than ever! You simply feel like having a new ride. No other reason. Money saving opportunity: you don’t NEED a car. Use this to your advantage! You can really take advantage of expert timing to get the lowest possible price (varies from manufacturer to manufacturer).

These are just a few of the many items that factor into overall money savings when you buy a new or used car, truck or SUV. A car buying service is a great idea, but now that you know about all the unchartered areas where you can save additional money, be sure to enlist the services of a company that will provide dedicated and personal assistance for you in each and every place where you can uncover hidden time and money wasters. These companies may not have big, fancy and expensive websites, but you can be confident that they know how to save you all those extra dollars and cents so that you can pad your own pocketbook rather than the car dealer’s. * A commercial-sized buying service doesn’t have the staffing nor the depth of program to make sure a car dealer has failed to disclose the fact that the lower rate exists and is available (only if the buyer knows to insist), but they (the car dealer) is not motivated to tell YOU or your college graduate that they automatically qualify for Tier 1 financing once the client qualifies for the college graduate rebate money.

The Right Car Cover

Have you been looking for a carcover com reviews but don’t know which cover to buy, I hope this article will help you make that decision. When you are in the market for a cover you will find there are many covers to choose from. A lot of that decision will be based on your location i.e. where the cover will be used and warranty and retailer information. The first thing we will talk about is the location that you will be using this cover. By location I mean are you in the Northern part of the USA or Canada? Or are you located on the East coast, West coast, Midwest, Southern states etc. Each one of these locations have their own weather. This should influence your decision on which cover you will need. The cold and snowy states will warrant a waterproof cover that will stand up to snow, ice, rain as well as the sun. There are the three layer and four layer covers that will handle these conditions. Next where the cover will be used, such as a garage or outside in the weather.

If you will be covering a vehicle indoors like a garage, carport or storage building you will need a cover that will block dust and bird droppings also bumps and scratches. They make these covers in single layer and double layer. The single layer cover will stop dust and protect you vehicle if you are storing it. The double layer cover goes one step further by not only stopping dust but also stopping bird droppings from getting thought to your vehicles finish and it will also help protect against bumps and scratches from activity around your vehicle. These two layer covers are great for in the garage or under a carport. they are water resistant and UV treated to help with some exposure to the weather such as what may occur under a carport but are not recommended for outdoor use. Then there are the three and four layer covers made to handle all the conditions from inside storage to full time outdoor use. The three layer cover has a durable 1st layer with a breathable 2nd layer and a protective 3rd layer, all three of these layers make a waterproof and UV protective cover that will stand up to Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and all your inside and outside storage needs. The four layer covers have all that the three layer cover has and then one more layer of fleece on the inside to protect your clear coat finish, great for your newer and show cars. I know when you are looking for a cover you will see many different types of names for these covers, but in the long run they all have either one to four layers of protection. So now that you know which cover you need the next thing to talk about is warranties.

Covers come with one to five years of protection but they have limited liability. Which means you need to read the warranty and find out what it covers, most warranties cover just the normal manufacturer defects, some cover more. So as a consumer you have to read to make sure your cover will be replaced if something goes wrong. The last thing to talk about is the retailer, there are good retailers and bad, some of them offer a great return policy and even free shipping. There are ways to check on the retailer you want to use, I think that any good retailer should belong to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a very good reputation of keeping retailers honest. Check for the BBB link on the web site that you are thinking of using, you can check if there has been any complaints. You can also check the web to see if there has been any complaints about the retailer. Any spaces will degrade the performance of your subs, not to mention the annoying noise air makes when being pushed out of a small hole. On applying the glue, let it cure for at least 24 hours before mounting the subs. This is a precautionary measure to protect the rubbers used to make the subs from the high fumes that some manufacturers glue products have.  Carpet or Vinyl padding is the best covering to use since they easily cover any outer blemishes on the box and give the box a ‘smooth’ outlook. Be careful when cutting the vinyl or carpet since such cutters tend to be very sharp.

Why Cover Your Vehicle?

My cousin just purchased a brand new Lexus. I suggested he protect his investment with a car cover and he asked why as he lives in Phoenix, AZ where it is sunny almost every day of the year. If you have ever been there, especially in the heat of summer, you would understand but regardless of where you live, it is a good idea to protect the finish and consequently, the interior of you vehicle. The average temp these days during the summer in Phoenix is about 112 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of heat can really do a number on your vehicle. The paint will fade in time and direct sun is brutal to a vehicles surface. If bird droppings are left to bake on they can be very difficult to wash off. The heat and direct sun can also be hard on the interior, over time cracking can occur and any Cd’s left out or in the stereo can warp or melt. You also need to be concerned about your cars upholstery, leather or otherwise, it will certainly fade in time. Covers that will keep the dust, bird droppings, direct sunlight as well as more severe weather from damaging your ride. There is also a four layer fleece lined top the line cover that is great for babying your cars finish. Car covers can be purchased online. To find a dealer, search any one of the more popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Vista. Just search for car cover, SUV cover etc. Be sure to shop around for the best pricing. The holidays are here and there are sure to be special offers available. Some other considerations may be the shipping costs, return policies and warranty availability. You can also search for complaints on a given business name the same way you searched for the dealer.

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